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Our Purpose:  To help business leaders improve their company’s performance and compliance.

Our Experience:  MAXIMUM Business Consulting, LLC provides seasoned professionals who understand the challenges of owning, operating, and leading a company.   Regardless of employee count, and/or gross sales levels, our firm will evaluate your areas of challenge, and help guide you to success.

Our Process:  MAXIMUM Business Consulting, LLC employs three simple steps…

  1. We invest ample time to listen to you, and fully understand your needs.
  2. We actively engage with you and your team to implement meaningful solutions.
  3. We help to achieve desired outcomes, then get out of your way so you can continue leading your company.


Our history suggests that some sales teams may not be operating at peak performance.  The impacts upon the company’s bottom line, team morale, and future growth can be tremendously costly.

At MAXIMUM Business Consulting, LLC, we strive to help sales teams flourish.  The outcome of such efforts creates a positive ripple effect on the entire organization.  Successful selling is the fuel that powers companies….we focus on stoking that fire in a manner that is user-friendly, trainable and transferable within your organization. More >


FACT: How you handle your company’s wide array of human resource issues will directly impact your bottom line.

MAXFACT: MAXIMUM Business Consulting LLC provides employee relations tools, training, and techniques that make practical sense for your company. We help you attract, retain, and develop the right employees while protecting your business and legal interests. More >


Who is genuinely focused on truly helping you?

FACT – Whether you are a business owner, or an individual professional, your livelihood, degree of success and the future of your family, and possibly others,  rides on your shoulders.

MAXFACT  – Leaders are not successful by accident.  They succeed by marshalling the resources of qualified people, and then allowing those people to help guide them. More >


Alan is a 1986 graduate of Pennsylvania State University.  He started his business career as a Sales Representative by pioneering a new industry niche. More >

Victoria L Krotzer, PHR

Victoria offers more than 20 years of experience as a Human Resources Director and Assistant Vice President within small, family-owned businesses, and large, multi-state locations corporations. More >