MAXIMUM… Mentoring


Who is genuinely focused on truly helping you?

FACT – Whether you are a business owner, or an individual professional, your livelihood, degree of success and the future of your family, and possibly others,  rides on your shoulders.

MAXFACT  – Leaders are not successful by accident.  They succeed by marshalling the resources of qualified people, and then allowing those people to help guide them.

Mentor Capital
This term refers to the supplying of valued resources such as experience and wisdom. No one has seen it all, but each of us has seen and/or done something different. Our decades of time-tested business experience and success can help you.

Directional Planning
Do you purposefully carve out time to contemplate where you are going with your business life?  Do you have brainstorming and think tank sessions to explore possibilities, then put the best ideas into action?  We can help you take this process off the to-do list and make it happen.

Goal Setting
Are you deliberately targeting goals for yourself, and/or your team?  Who is holding you accountable for achieving these important tasks to assure they are achieved?  We guide you through the creation, and follow through steps in a meaningful way.

How frequently do you review the internal operations of your company from the perspective of efficiency?  How often do you evaluate how your clients feel about what you do?  Keeping you focused on operational effectiveness is a great value that we offer.

Once you identify areas within your company requiring improvement, who makes certain that effective solutions are created and implemented?  Or, as the rainmaker in your world, who is helping you to truly grow, and challenging you to broaden your thinking?  We help to develop solutions for application within the company. And, we assist people in attaining their greatest potential.

Resource Network
Conducting business involves many disciplines.  From real estate to office equipment, banking to bookkeeping, sales training to finance, legal to I.T., etc…, there are many areas where improvement can be achieved.  We have specifically assembled a high-integrity network that spans the vast categories of  business ownership and operation.  We link you to trusted solution providers who can enhance your success.