MAXIMUM… Sales Behavior Enhancement


Our history suggests that some sales teams may not be operating at peak performance.  The impacts upon the company’s bottom line, team morale, and future growth can be tremendously costly.

At MAXIMUM Business Consulting, LLC, we strive to help sales teams flourish.  The outcome of such efforts creates a positive ripple effect on the entire organization.  Successful selling is the fuel that powers companies….we focus on stoking that fire in a manner that is user-friendly, trainable and transferable within your organization.

The Process:

  1. Interview the Players – First, we meet decision-makers to gain an understanding of their situation, challenges, and goals.  Then we meet the Sales team.
  1. Player Analysis – We implement a testing module for each player to provide valuable insights on how we can best address the individual personalities involved on the team.
  1. Customized Behavior Plans – Given the involvement of each sales team member, and using their testing results, we strive to build a realistic, manageable, yet challenging plan that will set the stage for successful sales outcomes to be realized by each member, and the company in total.
  1. Engage the New Behavior Plan – Commencing upon a specified date, we initiate the program.
  1. Accountability Checkpoints – A periodic meeting format will occur for the first few weeks while the Behavior Plan is reviewed and tweaked for maximum effectiveness. Simultaneously, we will be gaining insight and sharing conversation with the sales team members to assure they are effectively doing their part to usher in success.
  1. Updates for Management – Using 30 day intervals, we will provide progress review meetings for those management members who have a vested interest in the initiative.
  1. Conclusion Meeting – Upon the final Management update meeting, we will distribute a summary report that serves to gather information on each team member, their specific statistics and our professional opinion of their respective progress.  Additional constructive insights and suggestions may also be offered with the desire being to further heighten the individual’s, and the collective sales team’s success.

Extended Coaching/Mentoring relations can be discussed additionally if desired.