MAXIMUM… Employees

FACT: How you handle your company’s wide array of human resource issues will directly impact your bottom line.

MAXFACT: MAXIMUM Business Consulting LLC provides employee relations tools, training, and techniques that make practical sense for your company. We help you attract, retain, and develop the right employees while protecting your business and legal interests.

Staffing and Recruiting Services
Do you consistently make “A+” hires? Is your recruiting process solid? Our System can benefit your company by writing the ad, screening the applicants, and helping with the interviewing and testing processes.

Employee Policy Manual Creation and Refinement
Is it time to create or update a manual for your workplace? We have more than 20 years experience developing employee policy manuals.

Employee Training
Do you supply staff development training? Are your people growing closer as a team? Are they fulfilling the expectations defined in your employee manual? We provide training at your facility, or off-site.

Payroll Processing Evaluation
Do you process payroll in-house? Are you using the best program or service for your current business needs? We review your payroll process and make recommendations on programs or outside payroll resources that match your situation.

Benefits Program Creation, Review, and Negotiations
It may make sense to offer benefits, but which ones and at what cost? Allow us to help you create a benefits menu and search for the right programs to properly serve you, your business, and your employees.

Self-Insured and Traditional-Insured Program Reviews
Are you struggling with health care costs for your employees? We review your current medical insurance program, then help determine which insurance vehicle is right for you. We also help develop your HRAs and HSAs.

Interpretation of Federal and State Employment Laws
Are you tuned into important regulatory changes (e.g., COBRA, I-9, CHIPRA, FMLA, etc.)? We help ensure your compliance… and do so in layperson terms.

Employee Relations
Do you know how to legally respond to a potentially controversial issues? What’s the right thing to do? We can guide you.

Unemployment Issues
Do you have the in-house HR skills you need to handle your next Unemployment Compensation hearing? Use our experience to direct you.